Wednesday, May 11, 2011

“Peasants make good traction.” A rude line from one of my books. Maybe it’s true, I haven’t asked my horse, but I believe he’d disagree. There wasn’t sufficient damage for my insurance to cover implants or a face lift. More insult to injury. I swear I didn’t look like this went I went out (liar, liar breeches on fire). A lumpy souvenir permanently attached to my right clavicle reminds me I’m not Super Woman. Physical therapy keeps my rotator cuff, well, rotating.

For those of you plagued with fear issues or maligned with chronic pain, there is life back in the saddle (or behind the wheel, handle bars or on the mats, whatever your pleasure). I’m riding again with renewed and expanded confidence, with a truly forgiving and oh so sensitive horse.

Thank you very much to my devoted husband, Russ, who not only did all the driving and ER waiting, watching and working, sweating and worrying, but had to tend to our tres caballos alone during my recovery, trying diligently to pave the way for my successful return to the barn. June tended me with her gifted touch, heavenly hands. A clinic with Jim Barrett and lesson(s) with Jon Barrett helped bridge my equine communication from heart to hand to seat furthering Desejo’s and my partnership. Friends like Susan, Roberta, Troy, and Sharon kept the equine dream real and attainable. Others kept me laughing and crying, expanding my lungs so pneumonia didn’t have a chance Ken, Trey, Ben...keep serving it up. My writer’s groups provided not only a forum, but an escape, to live beyond the hurt and heart break, thanx Cathy, Eiko, Connie, Dolphin, Paula and Carol. Just goes to prove it takes a village to heal an idiot!

Julie and Julie reminded me fear is always lurking.

But its power comes from hiding in the dark. I had deeper fears than getting back in the proverbial saddle. Riding again was immaterial by comparison. We all need to face the storm, find the courage to express the things that scare us to the core and attend to them. Thank you again to Russ. Not only for being my hero, but for helping me be yours.


Cathy Jo Cress said...

Anne you are a female Braveheart plus heal well. On top of that you can translate your fear and pain into words- a great talent and salve. Glad you feel better and nerve and bone are healing.
Cathy Cress

Marsha said...

Kudos to you Anne - we are so proud of your tenacity and focus! Perhaps you're the reincarnation of Winston Churchill. It certainly seems so with the remarkable way you have handled this challenge. Good for you!

Plot Whisperer said...

What a journey you've been on. Sounds transformative.
Congratulations. You've healed and with good humor, too.
See you tonight!

Anne Beggs said...

@Marsha, Winston Churchill, never pictured myself as the bull dog type visually anyway...

And thanx Cathy and Martha. I should have thanked 'humor' itself as a vehicle to healing. Where would I be without my gallows humor???

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

It takes courage to get back on a horse after what you have gone through. Maybe Bulldog Courage. Whatever it was, and whoever helped you along the way...cudos.

I stand and salute you.