Thursday, February 10, 2011

Editor Lesley Kallas Payne has been working with me on my latest book, still unnamed, and has shined the beacon of truth on what is lacking in my story—the story. (faltering drum roll and cymbals) Although I believed I was utilizing Martha Alderson’s book, Blockbuster Plots: Pure and Simple, dutifully charting and rearranging the chapters I still lost the thread of the theme bearing Eloise and my readers to the exalted conclusion they all deserve.

My other glaring difficulty is shifting POV. I love knowing what characters are thinking. My favorite books have multiple POV’s. Written by masters of the craft. (again with the deprecating drum roll)

Lesley provides me with resources and examples to strengthen my writing. Focus on the heroine’s journey. This book was supposed to be a simple sojourn exploring environmental consequences as three families struggle to survive on the dwindling resources of Europe’s deforestation. Prodigal Summer in the Middles Ages. But there isn’t enough suffering, or tension. Hmmm…Poor Eloise, I must stick more pins in her, how will she evolve and ultimately change?

What will Eloise do? I find clarity riding, just Desejo and me out on the trails, exploring and playing out the heroine’s journey. For Eloise, anything is possible in the saddle. Like Eloise, I can think in the saddle, or rather dream.

But that all came crashing down, literally, for me this weekend, when a second involuntary dismount, dragging, trampling, then ditched as my noble steed ran for the barn without me. A broken right clavicle, bruised ribs and sternum, as well as broken heart I had plenty of time to think sans saddle as I hiked the mile of shame back to the barn. Not a heroine’s journey I wish to write about. And there would be plenty more pins stuck in me as the nurse failed repeatedly at the IV. Pain relief denied.

Recuperation will give me the chance to concentrate on craft, play out the scenarios from the safety of my home, listening not only for the voices of my stories but the voices of reason and knowledge to guide me back to the barn.

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